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Thread: a gasp with gap

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    Unhappy a gasp with gap

    ever felt a gap with someone you didnt have contact with for a long time, a friend, a classmate, a relative, a love one like it seems that you two never have met/never knew him/her at all, like it seems nothin have happen?

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    Re: a gasp with gap

    my cousin from america comes to australia about once every 2 years, and when he does come 2 are like siblings almost. we keep in contact over the net & so on, but due to school and different time zones, we barely get to talk to each other.

    the next time i saw him again, he was like...a completely different person. i felt like i had lost someone close to i had lost a good friend. it really hurt inside...there was so much i wanted to tell him, but it felt like i was talking to a complete stranger...and even now i don't think there's anything i can do about it. i feel like he's just forgotten about me completely, and moved on with his life.


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