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Thread: Ghost in the Shell era....coming soon?

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    I think it will happen one day in the FAR future. Humans will be the cause of their own demise, not intentionally of course. Just we will get so advanced and proud of out technology that we will forget about how it might backfire and that will screw the world. But not in my lifetime so I'm not worrying about it. lol

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    I think one day we will have to face the fact that even though we were around before technology was, it has advanced ahead of us and basically taken over almost all that was in our world. we just have to think of how we can stop this before its too late! Also, technology can be unreliable at times(which we all know is true), so if we rely on it too much, one day it will slip and by then our entire country could be at stake, depending on how advanced technology is then.
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