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    Godspace Overdrive

    Godspace Overdrive

    Undecided by the science
    Accepted only for Mary
    Jumping warp gates, they eliminate
    All those that are unworthy.

    Writing instrumental pathways
    To the stars and way beyond
    Enola Gay brings the judgement fray
    She leaves the women riding on.

    Hidden beneath a body of many
    A phalanx of tortured souls in a cage
    The preacher man makes speeches to no one
    As his back is burned by the fire from a mage.

    Four lines, two rhymes
    A stanza so simple is super constrained
    Taking hundreds of infinities concentrated in a pile
    Forming together a tapestry of the mundane.

    If you look at the clouds, you just might see it
    You know it's there deep inside
    A phylogenic memory buried in your brain
    A glimpse of heaven as seen from the skies.

    Providence reaps your body
    As death reaps your soul
    Satan takes his part of your fruit
    But it's a minor toll.

    For godspace, you'll overdrive;
    For godspace, you'll rape the seas;
    For godspace, you'll find the far left infinity
    Of a crystalline zion sky.
    "Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance." -- G. K. Chesterton
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    The orgasmic pleasure derived from this existential fantasmo poem was so intense that I passed out. Figuratively, you speak literally, metaphorically spinning an epic culmination of a lifetime's observation of our troubled times.


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