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Thread: Good evening, my friends.

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    Good evening, my friends.

    Hello everyone this is Bill Gates. I would like to inform all of you of your vast mistakes in using the "FireFox" browser. Did you know that this browser is not supported in any of the windows updates? The windows update feature is too good for firefox, in fact it doesn't even run on it! I'm sure you've all upgraded to Windows Xp Professional SP2 by now but in case you haven't I'm going to go ahead and suggest you do. Even if you own Xp Professional, you should run out and buy the one which comes with SP2, because after all, who really wants to download it? The Microsoft corporation is here for you with a constant barrage of media and sound, which entrances you to spend, and what better service can you be for your country than to spend? Microsoft is currently looking into partnering with AOL Time Warner, as well as George Zimmer's "Men's Warehouse" to bring you even greater services and support. If you need an ISP we can help, and a new suit will be a click away. In this day and age, success is measured by what version of windows you have. All of the great failures in this world used Macs. And all the criminals have been found out to have links to terrorist organizations such as Unix. I hope I can convince you all to be good citizens like myself and put a small portion of your income, no more than 40%, towards Microsoft, because after're already our bitch anyway.

    You can find these products and much more at: Microsoft (Link)

    Best wishes,

    Bill Gates
    ' Bill Gates; "Because I really am better than you"

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    Re: Good evening, my friends.

    Moved to introductions.

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    Re: Good evening, my friends.

    Hi... I'm George Zimmer - Founder And Ceo Of The Men's Wearhouse. Veg, You Better Start Practicing With 2 Liter Coke Bottles Before You Receive My Exuberant Epidermal Cordage. My Ample Head Teeming With Man Hooch Is So Colossal That God Trips Over It. I Guarantee It.

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