Ok, so I just had my best friend fly in from Korea after serving his first year this weekend (one of the best weekends I might add). There was just so much to catch up on, I think too much. Anyway, before he had gone into the military we had a minor fall out, mainly on my part. When we got to hang out this weekend it was the best thing ever. There were just so many things to talk about, so many things to do. But hes going back today, for another 6 years, I cried when he left.

So, anyway, I was just wondering, are there any members here in AO that had a friend from the service visit them recently? When they left to go back, did you cry? Last but not least, did you realize how many great times you've had with that person?

I know I did, I never really realized how much of a great friend he truely was until he left today. How about you AO, have you had a friend that you couldn't be separated from and for some reason you did? But then later in life they came back and you don't want them to leave, but they have to?