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Thread: Great Day!!!!!!!

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    Re: Great Day!!!!!!!

    SK and i think that you should ask the people who made the bake sale what to do with the money...

    then if no one knows what to do, then have a little "yay" party to celebrate for those who helped...

    if no one can think of a good idea, then hide the money away... for future purposes...

    try to find a way to add more kick ass in your future sales, in other words, use the extra money for "to add more kick ass" to your future sales... like adding sprinkles to your cookies next time...

    and don't forget

    variety gives good money!!

    everybody loves fudge and pudding...

    and one more thing....

    the .99 store sells candy bars for dirt cheap......... i say again DIRT CHEAP

    and sell for twice the price... or half more...

    if any of you can swallow your dignity, put on some kind of services or acts or plays to earn some money... what do i mean by that? figure it out yourself...

    lucky nember 6... pass around a tin can that says "spare change" and some humorous quote that would bring the most humorous man to tears for "need some money for a date"... or "need money to help someone out on a date" or "put some money in me cuz i'm a tin can" and whatever else you can think of...

    you should gain a large amount of profit and lose half of it from being stolen... but hey, at least you know it works (pass it around in class... and keep watch of your can)...
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