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Thread: Gym Class Confessions

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    The thing I remember most about P.E is how much I hated it.
    I hated it with a god all mighty passion.... expect in summer when we had swimming for P.E. ^^ (my school had a pool)
    I remember the fights in the change room in the Swimming pool over who got to use the one toilet to be able to change in. I used to really hate having to change out of my swimming costume in front of 30 other girls.
    Now boys don't get fidgety.... I went to an all girl school ^_^

    I had P.E and Sport in highschool. P.E we had twice a week for a double period, and sport was once a week for about 2 hours (can't quite remember... it's been so long.) P.E and Sport were only compulsory in year 7 - 10... so year 11 and 12 was mainly spent laughing at all the juniors who still had to fo it. I remember the pure and utter joy that passed through my body when the moment of realisation came that I didn't have to do P.E ever again.

    All right... time for confessions. I was horrible at P.E, still am.
    I'm short and clumsy.... the perfect formula for many embarrasing P.E moments.
    In Highjump, I never ever made it over the lowest bar. My body just can't defeat the force of gravity. I always tripped over Huddles (I have short legs) I tripped over and stacked it into the Long Jump pit. Never ever won any form of sporting event at school (nor even came 3rd place) and was generally one of those poor kids who got laughed at by the general populace.
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