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Thread: Hajime no Ippo

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    Hajime no Ippo

    Recently I've been watching the anime called "Hajime no Ippo" after seeing it highly ranked on Anime Academy. I remember watching the series in the Philippines when I was younger, but now I'm watching it with English subtitles, it's much more interesting. The series is definately the best anime sport series, and it might even be one of the top animes period. At the Anime Convention, it has just been licensed by Geneon, but I wasn't patient enough so I just got the subbed versions, and right now I'm around episode 50. I highly recommend this series to anyone who's heard of/never watched it. So, has anyone else seen it?

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    Ahhh.. i know it as "fighting spirit" or thats the japanese translation!

    here is a bit more about it I will write sophisticated so you understand!

    Ippo (Main Character) was always bullied in school. During the course of a routine beating, the path of his life was forever altered when up-and-coming boxer Takamura (Not too shabby looking) made short work of the bullies. Enticed by the notion of being strong, Ippo became intent on learning boxing. Coaches at the gym are astonished by his natural aptitude for the sport and begin training him for the battles to come.
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