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Thread: Hana Kimi manga

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    Hana Kimi manga

    Anyone familiar with this manga? I've just recently found it. I absolutely adore it. I'm sorta partial to those taboo comedy-romance manga like Tenshi na Konamaiki and Maria-sama ga Miteru. "Hana Kimi" is absolutely adorable though. Normally I obsess about manga and am like...addicted to em, but this is kinda different. Anyway, has anyone else read this? What did you think? (no spoilers or mark spoilers plz, I'm only on 6th volume)

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    Yeah... I've got the first couple manga of this series stashed around somewhere, I'm sure. It is a really good series in my opinion. I'm not usually for this type of series, but for some reason, I saw the first one, read it, and now I'm hooked.


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