Here are a few basic things which most of you probably know about, but if you don't, these are great & simple effects. Oh, forgot to add that these are for Photoshop CS:

Anime Glow:
Duplicate the layer you want to glow, set the top layer to Hard Light and Gaussian Blur it by 2. If you want to mix it up a little, try a different number instead of 2.
Before: After:

Snapsnot Effect:
Depending on the amount of border you want on the photo, add anywhere from .5 to 1 inch of extra space onto the canvas of your photo. Fill that space with white, on the same layer. Rotate the canvas 90 CCW, and the canvas size just a little bigger, say 150 pixels on each side. Go to Filter > Distort > Shear, and move the shear over a little bit to the right, use your judgement. Then do another canvas, only this time 90 CW. Do a Edit > Transform > Perspective to make it look like its lying down, on a surface. Add a Free Transform too, for angle. And then some Drop Shadow to your preferance. Wham! Done. Example: