Back to this again,
The pain inside of me burns.
All this because of a dream.
(sighs with head down)
What to do…
What to feel…
I want to tell you…
I want you to know…
My soul even burns for you…
It’s as if my soul wants to reach,
From my very chest,
With it’s burning cold feeling.
How can I miss you,
When I never got to,
Be there with you..
So I’m emotional,
As a tear streams down,
I care for you,
And you’ll never know.
You’ll never know,
My boundless love.
Never feel,
My boundless heart.
Never look into,
My emerald eyes…
…my eyes…
Oh how my eyes pray,
To see your face in life.
…my eyes…
Now shivering with sadness.
Now pulsing with pain.
My heart….
…refusing to beat,
Only to keep me alive.
If you speak to me again,
My heart might kill me,
With excitement.
A tragedy….
Or to this world a comedy.
(with a smirk)
That would be funny….
“Love kills… see page 12”
(saddened with my head down again)
I look at the keys,
I don’t need to see the screen anymore…
That’s where your words come from…
So much joy AND pain from them.
I wipe a tear from the keys…
And catch another…
I place them on my heart…
Heal my wounds tears…
And let me not hurt anymore.
I pray you a safe and happy life love,
Even in the end,
If it’s without me……