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Thread: Hellsing: Ultimate OVA Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata
    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    So I'll ask the obvious questions that no one else has posted yet.

    1. How many episodes for the OVA series?

    2. What animation studio will be in charge of the production??

    3. Is this a sequel to the TV series, or a completly independent retelling of the story???

    4. And does this mean that the Hellsing manga series is finished, or about to finish????
    I can only say the little bit of leaked knowledge there is right now.

    1.) Undetermined, episodes will be about 35 minutes though.

    2.) Undetermined, I wouldn't mind if the same animation studio, Gonzo, did the OVA though, I liked their work with the TV series.

    3.) Story is NOT a sequel to the TV but will follow the manga's plot more closely. Don't expect it to take place after the TV's ending.

    4.) There's been no mention of the Manga finishing up so I would assume no.

    Can't offer much at the time since there really isn't much to spill but that's all I got.
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    *Runs around frantically while screaming random profanities*

    I hope it's not too good to be true and also not a continuation on the anime series.
    On the other hand, all those swastikas and nazi stuff, how will they tackle that?
    Especially when you see they even made the zombies explode into dust in the anime...

    Maybe a little added Integra and Alucard interaction? And of course,
    Oh and I hope they leave the top notch music intact.

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