I'm not sure why the hell I got sent away,
when I didn't do a damn thing any day.
I didn't swear or curse a thing.
I just wonder what they hell to say.

I came here to forgive your sorry ways.
And I'm done here till the end of days.
have mercy dear Lord for they know not what they do.
They just split themselves in two.

There are those that believe,
they rule the world that all can see.
But they are nothing compared to those,
who's foresight foregoes...

..that of yours,
so frial and null.
Those that hate me,
are so full...

of crap that they can no longer see,
the light of day that can only be...

the saving grace that they may hold.
Beauty is in the pair of eyes that behold,

the true nature of such a thing.
Time to show you what exactly
what your trouble will bring.

I am immune to you,
you dirty dirty whore.
Your not going to try to harm us anymore.

I didnt' do a thing to you,
but say the truth.
Now it's you that's immature in your youth.

Be quiet and listen carefully.
The rose of this one is the rose of many.

strike at me,
and find an army
So goodbye you bitch,
stray from me.

Run bitch run,
like the whore you really are.
I don't care who the hell you are.

15 and so striking dumb.
If i find you again then you'll be the hurt one.

I'm not threating a damn thing to you,
so go away before i promise to you...
exactly what the hell,
is going to happen now.

Goodbye AO.
It's not bern the ball at all.

Leave me the hell alone,
cause i got my girl ya'll.

The shadow of me is dead,
and much thanks to stupidity.
Now rid yourselves of yourselves and me.

Later, no GOODBYE i finally mean.
It's you....
die you envious bitch of green.

Here's to the Bitch, the Basterds, and the Ways....

The last petal falls....