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Thread: holiday group game list

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    Talking holiday group game list

    I've got a superb Idea. As everyone know, I hope everyone know, Christmas and the holiday season is comming close. And what is more boring that a party where everyone sit and only talk.

    The goal on this thread is to list and explain game that we can do when time come to be so boring and beacause I'm planifing a little party for my friends on the 25 december, and I don't really have great game to play there. So I'll asking for Idea and to make 1 stone 2 shot, Those who'll be in the same situation as me, will be please.
    So... I'l start with some game hat I know.

    The brown bag:
    • take a supermarket paper bag . Put it on the ground The principle is the same as the Limbo.
    • Players stand on there foots, then pick the bag on there mouth (without the help of the hand and without flex the knee) When every player had done so, cut a little the bag.
    • Do the same until only one player stand. You've got the winner
    • You can add some funny music in order to put some feeling and groove the the show.
    Yes, no, clear, dark:
    • Gatter the players around in circle. Put a paper with a name (ex: Joe, Potato, Chair, Moon, Jennifer Lopez,...) on the head of one of them the way that he can't read it.
    • THe player with the paper have to guess what it is write on the paper by asking question.
    • The other player have to answer once in a turn without saying the word "YES, NO, ClEAR or DARK"
    • When someone say one of those word, He got GAME OVER, and when the player as guessed the name, He win.
    Prize for game can be some little gift around 1$ or 2$ or at your discretion. Winner take one of them, but if someone win another game, he can pick a gift from under the tree, or stole gift that have already been picked.

    Now it is your turn to post you kind of game.

    if it is not really clear to understand, PM me.
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