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Thread: how i feel

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    Unhappy how i feel

    this poem is about whats in my heart...

    My heart is always filled with pain,
    even when i laugh and smile its still the same.
    Its always broken and it makes me angry,
    sometimes i ask why not just take me.
    take me away from all of my aches
    In my heart i have questions of why I'm on this earth,
    why did he bring me here why did my mom give birth.
    My heart is full of worries aches and fears,
    at night i find my pillow full of tears.
    Tears that let me know I'm not alright,
    the ones that make me hurt inside.
    The ones that make my stomach turn upside down
    the ones that turn my smile into a frown.
    Its full of pain i think you heard that part,
    I'll always repeat it cause thats whats in my heart.
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    no matter the pain,
    you'll still be alive.
    do not pray for death's blow,
    for it might not be in inside.
    continue to find,
    what makes you smile.
    and if that doesn't work,
    come on down Justin's aisle....

    I'm always here to help...
    I'm a friend in you,
    and you in me..... never forget that.

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.


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