As sad as it is that there are these things going on in 3rd world countries what about the similar things happening here. When can we see human trafficing charges for common street pimps? They are doing the same kind of things here. We should help the people already being exploited first then the people that are being sent here. I know it isn't any less discusting when its halfway around the world but I think we should start by cleaning up our streets first. If we take away the environment that these trafficers are putting these people into it will be more likely to see a decline in the number of incidents. The bottom line is that there are evil people out there, there always will be, and as long as there is demand someone will find the supply. Maybe if we root out the perverts that support this crap it will have an effect. Write your representitives, call for stifer penalties for soliciting prostitution, rape, L&L, all sexual crimes including being a pimp or a whore. Maybe if we can keep them off the streets we can deter these trafficers from bringing their exploitation here by denying them a safe haven.
Sorry, didn't mean to rant but, it saddens me to hear these things are happening all over the world but it pisses me off to see them happening in my own backyard so to speak.