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Thread: I couldn't save her (poem)

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    I couldn't save her (poem)

    i don't know why,
    i'm dreaming of this.
    i see you there,
    and then your gone.
    i search this cavern high and low,
    but i don't hear you.
    then you scream,
    somehow i know it's you.
    your trapped beneath a rock,
    but your so far down.
    Abadoning all reason,
    I leap in the chasm....
    and falling,
    i approach your place.
    i grab on to a stalactite,
    but start to lose grip.
    i roll and kick away to another,
    and land hard against it.
    i bounce around and land,
    on hands and feet,
    then lay still.
    then slowly,
    I stagger.
    i rise slowly then go to your side...
    i try my hardest to budge the rock,
    but can't by human hands alone.
    i punch and kick,
    at a stalagmite.
    i pound for minutes,
    then finally,
    desperation breaks it.
    i try to pry you loose,
    at first won't budge,
    then i yell,
    "I won't let you DIE!!"
    I am successful.
    i lift you up over my shoulder,
    and begin to climb up.
    it takes forever,
    but i reach the surface,
    and lay you down.
    your fading but i'm trying,
    to keep you alive.
    the grass and my hands comfort,
    but they aren't enough,
    slowly you fade....
    until you are no more.
    i cry.
    you have gone,
    and leave me alone again,
    yet i refuse to be alone.
    i let your body fall into the abyss,
    and soon....
    i follow after.
    on the way down,
    i say.
    "Forgive me Lord,
    i could not save the angel."
    the only saving grace,
    you land on your back.
    i land and break.
    i bleed from every orifice.
    the last thing i see,
    is your face....
    my last words...
    "I love you...."

    By Justin McCormick (K' Heart) "What I wouldn't do for love."

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    that was so sad wahhhhhhhh  689
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    Yeah... so sad. but i liked it!!


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