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Thread: I have no brain....

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    I have no brain....

    Huh what the hell? why did one of you ghey mods delete my post? o_O this is so gay i can't put it in the Gallery so i posted it here to get feed back on it and someone goes and delete it, this is so feckin GAY your a bunch a idiots and you should be de-ranked from mod so stupid zZzZzzZzZzzZZZzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!1!1!!1111! 1111
    Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

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    Before you run your mouth again, dont you ever insult anyone on this forums as this post puts you on thin ice to be banned from AO... You DO NOT create threads (or post on current ones) to get feedback on your images, the ONLY place to do it will be the gallery, if the gallery does not accept your images then TOO BAD for you, this is the way t works and it will not be changed so learn to live with it or leave the place....

    Since this has nothing to do with the "signature request" thread I will split it, put in a nice title and close the post....



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