Are we allowed to post like this? if so i have three ideas that would work pretty well as a wallpaper. If not, sorry i didn't know.

Colours: Dark red, Emerald and Jade green, white, saphire blue, and black
Style: four placements in the forground area. two half face splits at the very sides, background merge at center with two people standing right there in the foreground facing each other hands in hands, text split( white on dark ground black on light ground)
Figure in foreground: (from left to right) dark side face split; Dart(from Legend of Dragoon) dark side person, Squall(fromFF8) light side person; Rinoa(fromFF8), light side face spilt; Shanna(From Legend of Dragoon)
Text: (divide at line, color scheme in text)
I will be here(black) | Waiting for you(deep blue)
So when you need me(dark red) | I'll be here for you(white)
I(fire red) | promise (Fire blue)

Colors: deep blue, black, little yellow
Background: Pitch, or jet, black
Foreground: The Cross sword from Chrno Crusade(the one that Remmington and Chrno use)
Textdivide at line, top white bottom blood red)
This is my life, I will live it as I see necessary.
This is my death, i will accept it with whom I love.

Colors: Dark red, dark blue, silver, black, and white
Style: crossed swords(cloud and sephiroth),
Background: Colors stated, chaotic mixture in the middle that melows to opposite contrast (black&white) at the edge of the screen
Foreground: Stated Style, text, and ghost images (left sephiroth right cloud)
Textdivide at line, silver on right dark blue on left)
We will meet again | Although I'd rather not
I will see you again | I cannot die yet
You want me gone | and no one can blame me
I killed Areith and now you're next | but first you'll have to beat me, so taste my steel
You will die today | not until you're dead
So my plan is come | let me rest in my peace
(on border) DIE!!!