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Thread: If you live in the Dallas/Ft. worth or Texoma area plz plz plz read this

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    If you live in the Dallas/Ft. worth or Texoma area plz plz plz read this

    Hey if you live in the dallas/ft. worth, and texoma area i want to know what you would think of an anime shop. I'm planning on relocating to texas from my beloved home in northern california in the next six months to do this so i need to know if i have the support of the locals. It's most likely going to be located in sherman but i am willing to commute to plano to open it if it means more people can shop there. I plan to have everything anime and i mean everything; anime(of course), manga(in japanese and english), games relating to anime possibly more, a used manga/anime/games section, japanese drinks and snacks, and of course fun things like bags, hats, wallscrolls/posters, keychains, and random stuff like that. so if you would be interested at shopping at a place like this or would be interested in helping a poor girl start her shop plz plz plz let me know by leaving a post here or emailing me at: [email protected]

    Also if you leave me your opinion or advice or just let me know what u think i'll write down ur user name so if you come in on the opening day i'll give you something if you tell me you left a post and if you tell me ur username when u do, dont worry i wont spam you or anything i just want to show you how much ur opinion means to me ^_^

    I want my store to be for the fans, its not so i can make money(although that would be a nice bonus ^_^) so even after the store opens if you think of something that could make it better plz tell me and i'll do whatever i can to fix whatever the problem is or w/e needs to be improved.

    I also want to hold a small survey/contest thing. I NEED A NAME! I have this idea for a great store that im sure i can pull off(with help) but i have no idea what to call it. I've never been really good when it comes to things like that so me or post your suggestions for a name and when i find a name that i like or that will work i'll post what it will be and whoever's suggestion i pick will get something cool when the store opens or at AnimeFest 2006 depending on what you can attend or whatever comes first (and i dont know what the cool thing will be yet so ummm....u can suggest something for that too, you know something you want if i choose yours)

    Thank you for reading this lovely ramble and plea for assistance. I really look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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    Re: If you live in the Dallas/Ft. worth or Texoma area plz plz plz read this

    Closing "because i don't wanna hear alot of posts saying 'i don't live in that area or else i would''

    If you want to help her Give her a email ^_^ or a pm.
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