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Thread: If You Only Knew....

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    If You Only Knew....

    I can't feel,
    not even the wounds,
    now across my body.
    i put them there.
    with what though...
    i don't remember.
    it's a blank in my memory.
    i lay in the dark,
    staring at your picture,
    on my computer screen.
    i put that there too.
    i love you,
    and you don't know.
    the only one that cares.
    my family put me,
    in seclusion,
    and didn't know it.
    they hate me,
    and don't care.
    i can't move,
    i'm numb,
    and can't do anything.
    i've been here,
    feels like an hour now,
    and can't feel or move.
    the wounds are red and open,
    as the pain should be there,
    but it's not.
    blood has now been flowing...
    the skin split at the base,
    of my shoulder,
    and across my chest.
    i'm bleeding....
    maybe i'll get lucky,
    and the veins will relieve me,
    of the red substance,
    that keeps me alive.
    i'm still numb,
    and don't feel the blood,
    neither dripping or flowing.
    my mind is without numbness,
    as i lay.
    my eyes glazed,
    at your picture.
    i see you move to me,
    now in full form.
    i whisper your name.....
    ..... I love you.
    she says not a word,
    as she comes to my body.
    i'm finally going,
    but i see a tear.
    not mine but hers,
    as she leans in to me.
    she leans to kiss,
    but i halt her....
    I'm numb....
    She says,
    "It's not for you....
    i just wanted to feel alive too."
    she kisses,
    and no life behind me.
    i fade to fall.
    she holds me,
    for the only time,
    blood staining her shirt,
    now pink with my flow.
    i whisper,
    "If you only knew...."
    Her tear hits me cheek,
    and surprisingley,
    i feel it there....
    but it's too late....
    as i fade,
    numbness surrounds me,
    and i'm taken.
    my last words.....
    "If you only knew...."
    alone again,
    as her memory fades,
    with my mind.
    i look at my body,
    as i rise.
    and watch as my family,
    walks past my room.
    they won't know i'm dead,
    till i fail to fill thier drinks....
    1 hour from now................................By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    wow..thats sad...but please don't kill your self or anything I care about you too. *hugs*
    A deathless heart alive with greif
    Smiles when it hears of thee
    Whisper now my secret love
    Kiss my lips and rise above


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