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Thread: If you were in this position?

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    If you were in this position?

    Here are a few very good questions that I would love to know the answers to if you were in these positions.........

    Read the questions carefully before you answer….
    Question 1-
    Are you comfortable being undressed in front of a complete stranger or your friends for that matter of the same sex?(Such as taking a public shower at a gym)

    Question 2-
    If you were in a locker room and you were stripped down to your boxers and some guy WHO WASN”T EVEN IN THE F**KING CLASS! Said something like “Look and “your name” boxers!” and started touching on them. What would you do?

    Question 3-
    If some moron, pulled down your pants and boxers/panties, in front of your entire class what would you say and do? (some really weird retard)

    My Answers:

    Question 1-
    I like hell don’t like public showers and only take them when I have gone swimming, leaving my trunks on! No I am not embarrassed or have issues about my body or anything but face it. There are some scary people out here who actually look enjoy taking public showers just so they can look at other guys. For instance me and some people went swimming and in the guys locker room everyone was dressed, except some strange guy who was like in his late 60’s who was drying himself with the towel completely naked. The strange part was that were we went swimming there was only one pool and we were there for like 3 hours. And out of about 30 teen girls and guys no one noticed him in tell he was showed up naked in the locker room. As of taking a shower with someone I know it’s better then a stranger gawking at you!

    Question 2-
    Ok this happened 3 years ago when I was in 8th grade this guy who wasn’t even in the gym class appeared next to me and said nice boxers and told everyone else to look. I admit they were playboy bunny boxers but when he started feeling on them he crossed the line…

    Question 3-
    This happened to someone I know- the same guy who appeared next to me in the locker room pulled down an acquaintances pants and boxers in front of the class. He didn’t do anything about it! I would of yelled out “like what you see!” then pulled them up and kicked the guys ass.

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    Re: If you were in this position?

    This is more suited for your journal rather than forum discussion.



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