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Thread: Ignorance

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    Angry Ignorance

    my little sister is suppose to be starting middle school soon. if it's anything like
    i remember, i will not let her go! My little sister is mentally challenged. i remember a situation when I was in the school restroom. Another girl I know (I’ll call her jenny) is waiting for a stall. A mentally challenged girl walks out. I ask her why she isn’t going to use the empty booth. She laughs like it was a joke. Then she whispers “ewwww! Look. It’s retarded”. If someone says something like that, my usually level minded thinking processes kind of…stops. She’s well aware of my sister’s condition, but she doesn’t show any sign of rue for saying that. I automatically go on the offensive. My little sister irritates the hell out of me, yes, but I’ll defend her regardless. I walked away, trying to restrain my fist from colliding w/her face. I’ll halfheartedly avoid pointless altercations. I know fighting won’t make her understand…how can someone be so ignorant?

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    Re: Ignorance

    Grumble Grumble Grumble...

    Not really debate subject material... To quote the Forum Rules...
    -Please keep any material of a personal nature (what you ate last night, how cool your crush is, playlists, character quizzes, how much you hate your life and want to die...) in your journal. Forum is for discussion only.
    This looks like Journal Material... Closing...
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