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Thread: The Iminent Banning of ???

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    The Iminent Banning of ???

    Most of you are familiar with the person using the account of ???. They've posted pictures of a 10-year old girl claiming it was them and then turned around and claimed to be a 20-something flash developer and former employee of Ubisoft. You also may be aware from reading the Opinion/Debate area that this fool talks out their ass so much I wouldn't be surprised if his mouth stopped working from atrophy.

    It so happens that this raging retard created a second account tonight under the name of 100%. The IP's were identical when I checked them (thought they will change since the ISP does dynamic IP) within minutes of each other and the e-mail account of the new one goes to a web page that ??? likes to point out on regular occasions.

    I've asked for an explanation of the dual accounts, but I'm thinking of banning both accounts regardless of the answer.

    Any objections?

    EDIT: I've sent some PM's back and forth with the person using hte ??? account and I"ve come to the conclusion that he is a total, unmitigated ****tard without and an ounce of sense anywhere in his ****tard body. Since there has been some confusion in the past with there being conflicting info about the ??? account, I've gone and banned it.
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    I never liked that guy to begin with ban him/her what ever he is Meh


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