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Thread: Infatuation: By Justin McCormick

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    Infatuation: By Justin McCormick

    Is it the man or love that is given the chance?
    To explore the love of another.
    I haven't the idea but I have a clue,
    How a person can begin liking and end with "I love you".

    First is infatuation and I probably spelled that wrong,
    But it starts with how much you think of, in my case, her.
    At work a couple of posters now, not just one,
    Reminding me of her beauty and wanting to be someone.

    I think of her everytime I see those things,
    And then I always look at them when I pass by.
    Is it that i want to look or is it the fact I want her that bad,
    It's almost comical, almost silly, but then again it's sad.

    It's a simple thing like a beautiful face,
    That can bring me to my knees in a public place.
    So that when I feel down and distraught about her,
    Then I fall to my knees and ask the Lord.

    "Why must I go through this pain, God?
    Why must I live in this torment.
    Do you want me to be alone,
    Or does my heart, in one girl, have a home?"

    The things that go on in my life try to bring me down,
    But I still thing of her everyday.
    I want so bad to have her know my feelings,
    So she knows my pain and suffering, and reeling.

    I'd drive to the end of the world to rescue her,
    From anything that tries to hurt my girl.
    I want so badly to end my situation,
    Then again, this just may be my infatuation.

    I just wanted to let her know,
    I wished she hung out on AO.
    So she could see that I am loving in my location,
    But then again..... must be my infatuation...............

    By: Justin McCormick "Thanks to all who believe in me, here and otherwise!!"
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    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Hmmm. this is sweet. *huggles Justin*
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