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Thread: Inline Modding

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    Inline Modding

    This will be a new hack I will install. This hack has something like the New Invision Board has. It will give us the easy way of multi closing topics moving topics and what not via the forum display window.


    Current Version: 1.2.1 (Wed Dec 11 15:26:30 PDT 2004)

    What this is?
    This hack will allow you and your moderators to do your job more effectively by allowing you to mass-moderate. You can perform the same action on multiple threads and posts without leaving the current page!

    What is required?
    In order to use this hack, you must have cookies and JavaScript enabled! If you don't, this hack will not work. (Note: there is no "alternative display" for people without JavaScript enabled).

    How many changes?
    Uploads: 2
    File edits: 2
    And template additions/edits

    I will provide all support here in this thread.

    I have thoroughly tested this hack with as many different combinations I could think of. But I probably have either over looked one or two, or just didn't think of some. If you find any odd behaviour, please let me know!

    Changes Since

    * 1.2.0
    o Fixed problems with merging threads
    o Enhancement to the merge thread screen
    * 1.1.0
    o (Hopefully) resolved all JavaScript issues
    o Merge threads
    o Removed search results moderation ability (it was too much work to maintain and a user could bypass the protection if he knew how the hack operated)
    o Bug with not updating all user fields in post merge
    o Bug with checking for the wrong permissions when deleting a post
    o Template caching
    o Selection boxes only appear when a user is a moderator
    * 1.0.0
    o Fixed search results
    o Added small announcement patch
    What you guys think? you want this?

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    Re: Inline Modding

    That might be usefull. But I don't see us using very much, except to closed down a spammer.


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