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Thread: Investing

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    Re: Investing

    I am in the financial services area... So here's my advice!

    LenMiyata was on the button - think about time. And think about how you want your money to grow, and what you want to use it for. Do you want to use the money for shooling? For travel? Just in case of an emergency? Reitrement?

    Typically putting away money is for protection... Because we cannot rely on the government to take of us at anytime... So yes - resarch different companies, and also the type of investments you may want. I hope my advice was useful in some way! Good luck with your future investments!

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    Exclamation Re: Investing

    Quote Originally Posted by pyoro-pyoro
    I have been thinking of seriously putting the money I earned from the summer job I had to good use by making it grow. I am thinking of maybe doing some bonds, but my bankers said it takes a bit long and the rates are lower than a savings account.

    I am currently looking at this ING thing, but I have no idea what they do and restrictions for their accounts. And finally, stocks or mutual funds might be a good idea too but I am totally blind about these kind of stuff.
    Well my financial adviser gave me some advice that seriously freaked me out...She said that with everything that's going on right now and the country being almost broke I should take out my money from the bank in case we go on another great depression that way I won't loose it........
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    Re: Investing

    So SpikeRose, are you like a broker or something?? As for how I want to use my money, right now I have some but not a whole lot of it, but I just want it to grow period. I have no intentions of what to do with it except to keep it from sitting here and decreasing.

    As for Cheza, I agree with you, that's why even sure things like credit cards and debit cards are last time BofA went down and my debit didnt work.

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