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Thread: I've Been wondering?????

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    Question I've Been wondering?????

    About a month ago i met this girl... At a dance with another guy....
    the guy walked away and she was mad so i started to talk to her...
    we talked for about 3 hours and suff she gave me her # 2 days later i called her
    we then proceded to talk more she dumped him and within 5 days of meeting her we were going out....
    i guess some could say im an idiot but its been alost a month since we started going out and now i getting really into this.....
    and i cant stand being without her and i only get to see her 1 time a week sometimes not even that....
    I miss her so much.....
    What is this???
    Is it love
    Or me just being Crazy??
    Plz do tell

    "Only those who are loved can ever be free"

    ALK 2005

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    This is a journal entry topic closed

    and again fix your signature


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