since anime online is the process of being given a new life, i thought why not start afresh myself. so hi again .. i am KayJay a part chinese british guy that currently lives in australia.

just turned 19 doing mechatronics in university of melbourne, loves art and computer stuff like cg and programming. have a social life, very interested in the opposite sex mwuhgahahhaa "joke".

One of my hobby is to draw, i normally do more landscape type, but do draw anime / related stuff.

my site is and i am also a wallpaper maker, if you were here before you would know that.

and finally i am also a fansubber, visit me sometimes in my channel #a-m or find me in like #animewaves #anime-sake or something. all on rizon.

BTW. animeonline kick ass, beats every other anime community on the internet, i think it is a good thing this happened, because now we can make animeonine even better than before ^_^