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Thread: KAZE HIKARU ! Shining Wind

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    KAZE HIKARU ! Shining Wind

    Hi Otaku!!

    I've found a new, very interesting manga by Taeko Watanabe: Kaze Hikaru

    The story took place in the Meiji Revolution; main characters are Shinsengumi warriors :P In Kaze Hikaru, you'll find some familiar names like : Okita Souji, Saito Hajime ...... LOL

    Sssssss....... The main character of this story is Okita Souji himself! He's protecting a girl - Kamiya - who disguises as a man to join the Shinsengumi unit! LOL ........ Very funny! LOL...... OKITA is the comical yet highly-skilled head of the first unit of the Shinsengumi. He is assigned to look after Kamiya Seizaburou; a task he takes more seriously when he discovers her secret.

    Yea, Okita's always with a smile on his face, which scares the heck out of his enemies ... hahaha.......

    - Kamiya: "You... You feel for her death, too, right? But... How can you always smile like that, Okita?"
    - "because I'm a samurai" - He said

    For Review, go to:

    It's currently vol. 16 in Japan!
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    sounds very interresting, i might try to find this
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