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I have gotten reports that this member has been spamming up PMs

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I have a quick question for you. A new member of the site (kiitie) just sent me a pm asking me to join his/her forum. I know that advertising in forums is not allowed, does this go for pms as well? I just wanted to give you a heads up, in case this person is sending the same pm to everyone, and only joined our site to advertise theirs.

I would hate to be mean but I think we should create a group say set it about 20 post to where someone can PM other members 1 it will stop the people joining just to PM people and 2 Will save us mods/admins some gref when it comes to stoping people like this

So what Im trying to explain here is let the members EARN their rights to PM other members this way we get their IP address so we can ban them I did a search for Kiitie's IP address and came up with nothing