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Thread: Kimba & Astro Box sets

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    Kimba & Astro Box sets

    From the pages of Newtype USA.

    Two of the earliest anime shows to make the jump to America (both Osamu Tezuka Classics) are finally getting the star DVD treatment thanks to the folks at The Right Stuf International. First off, the entire 1965 US run of "Kimba the White Lion" has been remastered for an "Ultra Edition Box Set" comming to a store near you this November. In addition to an extensive character and production notes gallery, the set willfeature a clean version of the opening and ending, a merchandise gallery, an interview with voice director Fred Ladd, deleted scenes featuring all the footage edited from the original US release, and the original first episode in Japanese with English subtitles.

    In 2006, the company plans to release the 1963 "Astro Boy" series as an "Ultra Edition" though it has not yet been determined whether it will come out in one boxset or two. The Right Stuf International is currently hunting down the best source material for the episodes, and extras have not yet been finalized.

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    Re: Kimba & Astro Box sets

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    There is no official release date posted for the original 'Astro Boy' (Tetsuwan Atom). The license was originally announced during 2005 Otakon anime convention, but they were also asking if anyone had copies of particular episodes, as a complete good quality episode set does not exist. Extensive restoration work is needed on most of the prints...

    'Kimba the White Lion' (based on the 'Jungle Emperor Leo' Manga series) is in better shape, and the Right Stuff International has already posted a pre-order page in their catalog...

    Right Stuff International Press release on Kimba Ultra Edition (PDF file)

    Tezuka Osamu World Astro Boy webpage (English)...

    Tezuka Osamu Jungle Emperor Leo webpage...
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