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Thread: Koda Kumi or Jade...?

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    Koda Kumi or Jade...?

    Just out of curiosity... Which did you prefer on the FFX2 soundtrack - Koda Kumi, or Jade??

    My own personal opinion:
    I heard the English version on both Real Emotion and 1000 Words first. I loved both... Then I finally heard the Japanese version. In regards to Real Emotion: I prefer Koda Kumi. Her voice has more depth to it. On 1000 Words I prefer Jade. I like the delicacy of her voice... It feels more emotional.

    By the way... Please don't just list one... State which on and WHY! (I don't want the thread deleted for spaming!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Re: Koda Kumi or Jade...?

    I like both. In my opinion the more versions the better.
    I do have to agree though, Jade does manage to get alot of feeling into her version of 1,000 Words.

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