This has been the serial Manga in Newtype USA since October 2004. In the February issue there is a 6 page article about Lagoon Engine Einsatz. What it is all about and how it was created. The Manga was written by Yukiru Sugisaki's, and the story is thus:
It is a time of impending war. An unknown ship violates Lagoonarian airspace, and the Sky Nights are dispatched to apprehend and engage, if necessary. They board the ship and discover that it holds a large payload of explosives, and the crew has been affected by seeds of Abomination. The doomed ship crashes into the Merntsea Forest, the home of an Ancient God. Afterward, Sakis, the Scion and Godslayer, sees the Pale Bird of death and Destruction, and heads home to report the Incident to the king.
Now I'm not a big Manga reader however I've been reading this one for its entire run so far and find it to be a really good story. The thing I find interesting about this particular Manga is that it has made its world debut in English. Could this mean that Manga is getting a stronger following in the US and Canada? Also will we start to see more Manga produced in English first?