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Thread: Life/Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrianna
    Believe it or not I understand. I just don't agree. If Intelligence was only a form of energy then there would be no difference between us and a rock. After all if I formed the rock so it could hold a current and ran "energy" through it what would keep it from living and being self aware? It's being self aware that makes the difference. To claim our awareness is only a product of what has come before removes our responsibility for our actions and choices.

    All things are matter. Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. Intelligence existed before this world and will exist after. Our memory cannot be destroyed only the form it is encased in may be changed. I was before I was born and I will be after I die, only this mortal body will be discarded.

    Ergo we have self awareness, we have agency, we have choice, and we have consequences. Our ripples will continue into the eternities.

    I'm with you!! I believe we go on after we die. I think that idea that we die and fade into nothingness is bullcrap. Thats the thinking of close minded ppl IMAO.

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    death is the purpose of life. there is no meaning, there is no god, there is only life and then there is death. it can also go on a flip-side of life is the meaning of death, but since one can not exist in death, life has no point in death. hence none of us know what we are talking about. we created communities, later government, apres ca, we created society, then came economy and at last war. it seems life is given to us, but yet we create death out of it. humans inflict pain on themselves. it's a giant yarn ball that can't seem to unravel, but the point is our quest for knowledge begins to lead us backwards. we focus on what occurs after death, hence us thinking about the meaning of life and then what is death.
    i'm not sure this is very clear, so i'll sum up:
    death=no heart beart
    nothing in between except our suffering, the pain we inflict on ourselves by thinking there is something beoynd us. thus we are headed for our destruction. like armageddon. but that's life, everything begins and everything ends.
    don't think about this too much, enjoy the sun shine while it lasts.

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