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Thread: Linux Server issues with USB CD-RW

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    Linux Server issues with USB CD-RW

    i have a LINUX SLACKWARE 10.0 server running standard FTP, Telnet(bleagh), and SSH daemons. it has a usb 1.1 host controller. i wish to utilize my IOMEGA 52x, 32x, 52x CD-RW drive with it. i can get linux to recognize the drive, mount it and read from it but i cannot seem to get it to recognize it as a CD-RW drive to let me use cdrecord to burn an iso image from the harddrive. can anyone help? the CDRW works wonders when hooked up to my win98 box and my winXP laptop. but it wont burn under linux. PLEASE HELP ME!

    i do realize that i will get reduced performance with the USB 1.1 host controllers because it is a USB 2.0 device. i actually dont have ANY USB 2.0 controllers. so i make due with 1.1 speeds while i save for an expansion card.
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