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Thread: The little song bird

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    The little song bird

    I wrote this in about twenty minutes during my break at work a few weeks ago. I have no idea where it came from. I haven't been feeling melancholy...but it really did put me a somber mood. Tell me if you like it


    Once there was a little bird that had fallen from her nest. Being she was only a newborn, she couldn't find her way back into the world that she had known. Instead she cried, hidden in plain sight and wished for someone to help her. A man came along and over heard her cries, finding her covered in the dust of the world. He picked up the little bird and took her home.

    Under his care she thrived and flourished into a beautiful songbird. The man was very proud of her, having never owned something so beautiful in all his life, and contented himself to giving her only the best offerings. He gave her a golden cage to live in and placed it in front of the largest, cleanest window in the house that faced the gardens, cleaned her feathers with only the best water and showered her with the finest gifts. In return she would sing for him. Over time, however, she stopped singing.

    "What is wrong?" The man asked.

    "I am not happy." Replied the little bird.

    "How can you not be? I took you in when death was sure to collect you. I took care of you and gave you the best things in life. All day those who see you praise you of your beauty and voice. Why are you not happy?"

    "I am not alive." She responded sadly. This puzzled the man.

    "But you are." He insisted. "Are you not breathing? Can you not think, move and feel?"

    "Yes, but I do not feel alive." When you found me I was a baby, ignorant of the entire world except that which I knew, that which was safe. I only wanted to be taken care of so I may have a chance at life. But now that I am older I am curious of the world around me, yet all I know is this room, this cage and the toys you give me. I sit in front of the window and see other birds flying merrily in the sky. I listen to their songs of true happiness that they bring to each other and the joys of freedom. I do not know these things, and thus I cannot sing."

    "But the outside world is frightful! There are storms, cats and cold weather! Outside you have to hunt for your food." The man frowned. "Here you will never have any worries. Do you not see how much better your life here is?"

    "Yes, I do. But I want to be free. However, I owe you my life and if you wish it, I will remain here to please you." The man thought about this. He deeply loved his little songbird, and could not bear to let her go. Who would take care of her? He enjoyed flaunting her to his friends, if she left no one would know of the beauty that he possessed. At least here, within her cage, she would be safe. He vowed to work harder to make her life happier.

    Time passed and the little bird died of old age. The man wept before her cage from both sorrow and the look of pure happiness upon the bird's face.
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    that's sad and beautiful
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