My name is Rihards, and I love anime. I also loe witing, and hae always tried o write a story that would be interesting and such for others, too. Rather recently I go an idea for the major storyline, and VERY recenly I began writing it. And I would like to have some english-speaking people read my story as it progresses, to check for mistakes and such, cuz' I'm not english or american and I don't know how well I write. Also, I'd like other anime fans reading my story and giing me reviews and suggestions, if there's something wrong you noticed.
The time setting is, actually, rather complicated, but it could e a different world in a Inuyasha-like time. It's the story of a youkai, Cain, his brother Abel, a girl Artega and a great evil. Actually you might find the story a lot like Inuyasha, due to the many things I have adapted from it. Oh, well... Although I've only written 2 1/2 chapters, I WILL write the story, but it will take time. A LOT of time, for it will be a LONG story. If you are interested in helping a 15-year-old bother-in-anime, please write me at [email protected] Thank you

PS I'm a christian (by the story, at least in the beginning, it would be hard to tell, cuz for realism it has quite a bit of swearing and rather mature content), and in this story there will be a lot of religious-related content. If you are offended by things like that, you might not be interested. This is how I'm trying to spread the word of God, but because I'm a christian doesn't mean I'm a geek and can't think of anything fun. You might regret not checking this out!

PPS In this story I have TONS of tributes to games, anime that have inspired me (most notably Final Fantasy VII, Inuyasha, Golden Sun, Dragonball Z). If you consider this lack of creativity... I don't care. But you're missing out!

PPPS (This is getting old) I'm sorry if I have missing letter 't' 'v' or 'r', cuz my friends keyboard is killing me with these stone-like keys. =P

Thanx for your time! Really!