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Thread: Lord Nikon

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    Lord Nikon

    He's been perm banned and so has his other username, The Nikon. I went and physically removed all the crap he posted as The Nikon. On my site I IP banned his entire ISP (who else in Holland would go to my site? ) but I can't IP ban here.

    So keep on the lookout for any new ID's coming from this IP range: 62.45.208 and specifically the address

    I mean, this loser got banned from Gaia Online for Pete's sake, "The Spammiest Place in the World."
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    Why the hell would he do shit like this I mean hell if he stayed off the site he would of been back by now. XD

    and as for the IP ban on your site Zui I did the same thing on mine as well the little tard registerd on my board right after he got ban from AO ~_~

    and as for Gaia thats where most of our n00bage is coming from Damn spammers


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