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Thread: Lost Soul

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    Lost Soul

    This here is something I wrote down, when I found out one of my Best Friends went into a coma New Years Eve of 03-04... of an overdose, and where he was no one dared to help him, they all just sat and laughed and then stared.
    He was in the hospital on life support for 10 days fighting to come back, and I was way too far away to do anything. I was hurt and still am.
    He was one of my strong arms in battle, a confidant, and a good rival at sparring. I only get to visit him once a year because of my mission, but I will never forget, NEVER... all the times we've enjoyed growing up together.

    He was a man, a young one at that...

    Who would push the limits to see if there

    was a boundary we truly could not pass...

    It seems though that it was that attribute

    to him that would bring him to the ground...

    On a night that was dark, but filled with

    great joy, the turn of yet another year...

    his life was in an interlude... searching,

    screaming for a way back to his body, to

    the one thing he knew, life, breath, flesh

    and blood...

    That man passed away 10 days later, and I

    was a continent away, unable to do anything

    but hear what friends and family had to say

    to me about his condition... and how he was

    trying to fight, and couldn't make it back.

    I blame myself for that night... he nor any

    of my brethren were supposed to go before

    me... it was my promise to them...

    I will see you again some day my friend, someday...
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