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    Exclamation Magical Detective Daisuke Part 2

    Please read and place a comment here! I love to hear what you got to say about my work! Thank You! Part 3 may be delayed

    Wow, um sorry it seems that the second was a little too long to add as a regular edit to part 1 and nobody added a comment after me so I don't want to double post because I might get in trouble for it. Well here's part 2 a day earlier than planned. I hope you guys like it as much as the first part.

    Magical Detective Daisuke Part 2

    Last time Daisuke was forced to leave his master and friends by the Aura Organization. Only Daisuke was able to escape. Ceri was being hunted down the Aura Hunters. Daisuke is on a highway by the forest headed for Highview City to see the Master of Wind. (lt’s dark outside with clouds in the sky.)

    Daisuke: Argh! Huff huff, darn it master why wouldn’t you let me help you?! I could have done something, but I ran away… After all he did for me, I couldn’t even help him. How can I even get to Highview City? I’ve never been there before. This is so hopeless.

    It starts pour down rain.

    Daisuke: It’s so cold out and the rain is making it worse. (A car is coming close to Daisuke. He waves at the car. The car stops and the window rolls down.)

    Man in Car: Hey there! Did you car break down somewhere? Do you want me to get a mechanic for you?

    Daisuke: No, I don’t have a car. Can you please give me a lift to Highview City?

    Little Girl in Car: Daddy let him come with us. We’re going to Highview City.

    Man in Car: We can’t let him come with us. Don’t you know that people get murdered by hitchhikers? (Mutters to himself) (Don’t they teach kids anything in school?)

    Little Girl: Bye Bye Mister Murderer! (Window rolls up and the car drives away)

    Daisuke: I’m not a murderer! (Lighting strikes; Daisuke sees a shadow in the trees) Who’s there!?

    ???: You know who I am.

    Daisuke: Ceri is that you? (Ceri jumps from the tree)

    Ceri: What are you doing here? Did father ask you to come bring me back home? I’m not going back there!

    Daisuke: Ceri, master didn’t ask me to bring you home. He was kidnapped by some weird people from the Aura Organization.

    Ceri: Where’s my sister and Toro?

    Daisuke: The same thing happened to them.

    Ceri: You were there with them. How did you escape?!
    Daisuke: The leader said I had no magic and let me go.

    Ceri: You liar!!! There’s no way he said you had no magic! He could tell I had magic! You must have joined up with these people! You joined them just so you wouldn’t be hurt! I’ll beat you down just like those guys that your leader sent after me, you traitor!

    Daisuke: I’m not lying!! Why would I (Ceri punches Daisuke in the face)

    Ceri: You are going to die right now! See the rain? You know it’s making me stronger!

    Daisuke: I’m not going to die! I refuse to die!! Dark Thunder Fist!!! (Ceri dodges)

    Ceri: Dumb Daisuke you think I haven’t noticed that… You don’t know any long distance attacks! (Ceri laughs and runs back) You can’t get me here!

    Daisuke: Darn! I have to get in closer!

    Ceri: Whitewater Cannon!!! (The attack hits Daisuke in the chest.)

    Daisuke: Ahha! (Coughs and gasps for air)

    Ceri: That little ring we use to fight in made me see that. What’s wrong? Got nothing to say? (Daisuke coughs) Oh you can’t talk can you? Got the wind knocked out of you. (Daisuke starts to run away) Huh?

    DaisukeThinking inside his head) I have to get away from him. He is not going to listen to me.

    Ceri: Whitewater Cannon!!! (Ceri misses Daisuke and magic breaks a tree branch. Daisuke continues to run until he reaches a cliff’s edge.) Nowhere to run now Daisuke! Whitewater Cannon!!! (Hits Daisuke’s right shoulder and he fall off the cliff)

    Daisuke: Ahh!

    Ceri: Father, I will destroy all that get in my way.

    Daisuke falls into a pumpkin farm below the cliff. The morning comes and the rain stops.

    Old Lady: Welcome to Cottontail Pumpkin Patch! Where we strive for freshness and quality!

    Yumi: Wow these pumpkins are so big and bright orange. I could make some good pumpkin pie!

    Old Lady: You can’t make pumpkin pie from pumpkins. (Thinks to herself) Have you ever seen a cookbook?
    Yumi: Did you say something?

    Old Lady: (Slickly says) How much do you want to buy from me, pumpkin?

    Yumi: I want about… Oh, Miss there’s a broken scarecrow on the ground.

    Old Lady: Huh scarecrow? We don’t see crows in these parts so I never bothered to put one up. Maybe someone gave me one as a present, how sweet! (Thinks to herself) And I thought nobody liked me… (Yells out loud) Wahhh!

    Yumi: What’s wrong?! (Yumi runs over to see) Ahh! There’s a dead body in the pumpkin patch! (Daisuke starts to get up)

    Old Lady: Ahh it’s a zombie! (Daisuke collapses after getting up)

    Yumi: This guy needs medical attention! Help me get him to a hospital!

    Old Lady: Are you insane? He might have rabies or something!

    Yumi: Urgh! Fine I will just tell everyone that you were trying to kill this guy.

    Old Lady: No, you can’t do that! My reputation would be ruined! Hmph fine just take my bike and go away!

    Yumi: No car?! I always wanted to pick up cycling but not with a guy about to die. (Yumi picks up some rope and ties Daisuke’s arms around her chest and around each others waist.)

    Yumi starts to pedal down the road.

    Yumi: What was this guy doing out here in the middle of nowhere? I hope he’ll be o.k.

    Daisuke: (Sleepy) Time to fluff the pillow… (Squeezes Yumi’s breast and drools on her shoulder)

    Yumi: Eww! You sick pervert and I just got this outfit too! Oh he’s sleep talking. What am I saying? I have to get to the hospital!

    After many miles of traveling Yumi arrives at the hospital. Tired from the ride she collapses in front of the main lobby. Later that night Daisuke gets up.

    Daisuke: Master are you ok? Master! Oww I almost forgot what happened.

    Nurse: What’s all this noise for? Oh my God it’s a miracle. I must get the doctor.

    Doctor: You should consider yourself very lucky to be alive. You had so many cuts, bruises and a few broken bones. I’m surprised you are ok at all.

    Daisuke: How did I get here?

    Doctor: There was a pretty young lady who brought you in and collapsed from being dehydrated and exhausted. She must have traveled a great distance just to get you here. She must be a real devoted friend; you don’t see too many people like her anymore.

    Daisuke: Is she okay? Where is she?

    Nurse: She is next door. She is sleeping right now. She should be ok when she gets up.

    Daisuke: Is it ok if I see her?

    Doctor: You should be able to walk but don’t try raising your arm.

    Daisuke waited for Yumi to get up but fell asleep in a chair in the room. Yumi wakes up.

    Yumi: Wake up sleepy head. (Daisuke wakes up)

    Daisuke: Huh? You are the girl that saved me, thank you very much. I have to go to Highview City so I will see you around! (Daisuke tried to wave and run) Ouch! That hurts!

    Yumi: You have to relax and recover. You are already in Highview City. You can relax then go home once you healed.

    Daisuke: I can’t go home…

    Yumi: Why?

    Daisuke explains everything to Yumi leaving out the fact that he can use magic.

    Yumi: That’s just awful. I don’t know how it feels to everything but I see why you are in such a hurry. You have to be careful though because the Aura Organization has been spotted here in Highview City. They have kidnapped several kinds of magic users. It was all over the news. The city increased security to protect the Master of Wind. Only those that work with the police can see the master.

    Daisuke: Darn it! I came all this way just to see the Master of Wind! He must have hid because of the Aura Organization.

    Yumi: When everything was normal the master was still hidden from people. Very few people have seen the master, even the students of the wind dojo don’t speak of the master.

    Daisuke: (Thinks to himself) Toro never mentioned anything to us about his master when he came to study with us.

    Yumi: Let’s see what’s on t.v. (Yumi turns on the t.v.)

    Announcer: Highview Police Department is looking for detectives. Normal citizens just like you can be trained to be a detective! (Whish! A giant hand with a finger pointing flies around the screen.)

    Teen Boy on T.V.: Can I be a detective?

    Announcer: Yes! Whish! (The hand points to the boy) Bing!

    Teen Boy on T.V.: (Has a detective uniform on) I’m a detective now! That was easy!

    Announcer: Yes, you too can be a detective too! In under a week of test and training you will be with the elite.

    Robber on T.V.: Darn that Highview Detective, I could have gotten away with that gold vase.

    Cop on T.V.: Good job! (Teen boy flashes a thumbs up and smiles)

    Daisuke: Wow I could do that!

    Yumi: Well if you need a place to stay while you are here just come to my apartment. I will let stay for free. (Giggles)

    The Doctor enters the room.

    Doctor: Here’s the bill young lady.

    Yumi: What?! Yikes I just stayed the night and you guys charged me $200.00!

    Doctor: Hey, how did you think doctors get paid?

    Yumi: Um, can you scratch the free part for the first month?

    Daisuke: Ok. (Laughs)

    A week later.

    Doctor: Your bill is here sir.

    (Piano plays a duh dum sound)

    Daisuke:……………Yumi can you um lend me like about $10,000.00?

    Yumi: Ouch! What kind of operation are you running?

    Doctor: Hey, how did you think doctors get rich? (Laughs)

    Daisuke and Yumi groans.

    Daisuke has fully recovered from his injures. But in order to see the Master of Wind he must become a detective. Will he be able to find out what happened to his master and friends? Find out in part 3 of Magical Detective Daisuke.

    Doctor: Hey what about will Daisuke be able to pay for the hospital bill? Will the Doctor meet the girl of his dreams and will he get rich? Don’t close out this part yet! No!

    (Magical Detective Daisuke part 2 closes out. Part 3 coming soon…)
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