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Thread: Magical Detective Daisuke Part 3

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    Magical Detective Daisuke Part 3

    Magical Detective Daisuke Part 3

    Please read and write a comment. I love comments. If no one will tell me if it's good or sucks, I will go cry in the corner.

    Sorry to keep those waiting for Part three in suspense. I have noticed that when I increased the reading load fewer people read it. Part three is a lot shorter than Part two so there is less of a load of text to read. I also have Part four coming out this week too. Please read and give your comments to me on this thread. I enjoy reading what you have to say about Magical Detective Daisuke. Thank you for reading and enjoying this fanfic.
    P.S. If you missed Part 1 and/or 2 check my journal as I posted them there.

    Daisuke and Yumi arrive at her apartment.

    Yumi: I hope you don’t mind it being messy inside. My roommate loves taking her work back home with her.

    Daisuke: It’s okay with me, I’m just glad to have somewhere to live.

    Yumi: Satomi, I’m back! (One side of the room is clean and the other is cluttered with papers)

    Satomi flips through a book, reads it, and taps her pencil.

    Daisuke: Hi Satomi, I’m Daisuke.

    Satomi: I know who you are, Yumi told me about you. As you can see I’m very busy so do you mind keeping it quiet?
    (Pushes up her glasses)

    Yumi: Satomi is a detective. She is very dedicated to her work.

    Daisuke: That’s so cool! Satomi can you tell me how to become a detective? I want to become a detective so I can…

    Satomi: Look I’m busy. Here go read this and take the test like everyone else! (Grabs a book and shoves it at Daisuke)

    Daisuke: Thank you Satomi.

    Satomi: I’m busy. Geez, do I have to spell it out to you? (Closes book) Everyday in this city there are at least five mysteries that go unsolved each year. If there are unsolved mysteries who do you think has to solve them?

    Daisuke: Um the detectives?

    Satomi: That was a rhetorical question. You aren’t the brightest light bulb in the pack are you?

    Daisuke: Yes, I mean no! Argh!

    Yumi: You weren’t supposed to answer. Satomi doesn’t like to have people talking to her while she is doing paperwork.

    Daisuke: (Whispers in Yumi’s ear) So where do I sleep?

    Yumi: (Whispers back) You can sleep on the couch, it’s next to Satomi’s desk.

    Daisuke looks around.

    Daisuke: (Whispering) Where’s the couch?

    Yumi: Oops it’s under all those papers.

    Daisuke: I will just move some of these papers here and (grabs papers)

    The papers fell out of his hands.

    Yumi: Daisuke no!

    In slow motion

    Satomi: Noooo! (Tries to dive to get papers and misses) (End slow motion)
    All of my work (Cries) why?

    Yumi: I think we should leave.

    Daisuke: Good idea!

    Yumi and Daisuke leave out the door.

    Satomi: $#?@!

    Daisuke and Yumi go to a café

    Daisuke: I think Satomi doesn’t like me.

    Yumi: Don’t worry about Satomi, she was just busy. She will come to like you.

    Daisuke and Yumi chat for a while.

    Yumi: That was fun.

    Daisuke: Yeah. (Laughs)

    They come back to the apartment.

    Daisuke: I have to use the bathroom.

    Yumi: It’s down the hall. Well I’m going to go to sleep, goodnight Daisuke.

    Daisuke: Goodnight.

    Daisuke sees the bathroom door cracked slightly open.

    Daisuke: Good the door is open. That means no one is here. (Daisuke opens the door) Yikes! Wow um sorry. (Satomi is in the bathtub taking a bubble bath)

    Satomi: Ah, you sick pervert! (Satomi throws a bottle of shampoo at Daisuke. The shampoo gets into his eyes)

    Daisuke: It burns! It burns!

    Daisuke closes the door and cleans his eyes out. He sits down on the couch.

    Daisuke: I guess I should start reading the book that Satomi gave me. (Yawns and opens book) Detective handbook for new detectives… (Yawns) Detectives should use all their senses to find clues and (Daisuke falls asleep)

    Satomi enters the room.

    Satomi: This guy is annoying and perverted but somehow he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. At least he isn’t as bad as the puppy that Yumi brought back that had rabies.
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