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Thread: Magical Detective Daisuke Part 5

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    Talking Magical Detective Daisuke Part 5

    Magical Detective Daisuke Part 5
    (Please read, vote on the bio, and post a reply)
    Sorry for the delay. I have decided to add little character bios as a little bonus to those who read this fanfic. The first one is Daisuke’s bio you can read it at the bottom of this part. I’m letting you, the reader vote for the next bio with the poll in this part. I hope you enjoy them. Also after taking advice given to me from readers of this fanfic I have put more details to each part starting with this one. When I have the time I will do the same to the previous parts of M.D.D. In the future there will be more surprises for you if you look hard enough.

    Toro: As you command master. Now enhancing magic power… Metallic Wind!!!

    A powerful burst of wind containing bunches of small sharp glowing green pieces of metal head towards Daisuke and the mysterious woman.

    Woman: (Panting) Cyclone Burst! (Her attack is stopped by the force of Toro’s) It’s still coming towards us!

    Daisuke dives in front of the woman to protect her from the attack.

    Daisuke: Dark Blaze Strike!! (The glowing metal melts instantly from the heat of Daisuke’s attack. Daisuke gets pushed to the other side of the room from the wind of the attack)

    Woman: Impossible! You’re a shadow type?!? I thought all shadow types were evil.

    Daisuke: (He slowly gets up) Hey I thought you were just some normal person so we’re even.

    Agent Anchorite: So that’s why I couldn’t track your magic! (Quietly speaks) I see… I must report this to General Spear at once. Toro, I order you to capture or kill the boy and the woman! (Agent Anchorite takes off his trench coat to reveal a large rocket pack. He aims for an open window and flies away)

    Daisuke: He got away!

    Toro: (The ring around his neck glows) You will come with me or else you will die!

    Woman: Now is not the time to worry about that guy. I got a plan. You distract Toro and I will try to break the ring around his neck.

    Daisuke: Okay, hey Toro your shoe lace is untied!

    Toro: Metallic Wind!!! (Another powerful burst of wind and metal shoots out of Toro’s armor)

    Daisuke pushes the woman out the way of the attack.
    Daisuke: Go get him now! (Daisuke jumps to the side and narrowly misses the attack. A large dent in the wall with metal sticking out is left where Daisuke might have met his demise.)

    Woman: I got you Toro! (The woman clutches onto Toro’s back and slashes the ring with her sharp fingernails.)

    Toro’s eyes turn white and the armor on Toro seems to magically disappear like a computer deleting a program all that is left is Toro’s small child body. Toro’s eyes change back to his regular blue colored eyes.

    Toro: What are you doing here Master? Where am I? What have I been doing? (Toro starts to cry)

    Woman: Don’t cry Toro everything is okay now. (The woman hugs Toro and cries)

    Daisuke: Master? Then you must be.

    Woman: Yes, I’m the Master of Wind but please just call me Ayane. And I believe I owe you an apology and my thanks um you name?

    Daisuke: My name is Daisuke Nightingale. I’m a student of the Master of Water.

    Ayane: Oh you’re the boy the Master of Water found. How is he doing? I haven’t seen him since I was Toro’s age. I’m sure if my father the previous Master of Wind was still alive they would never stop talking about the old days of their childhood together.

    Daisuke: Sorry Miss Ayane but… (Daisuke explains what happened)

    Ayane: Oh that’s terrible! So only you and Ceri escaped, well Toro seems okay now too. So now…

    A pounding sound comes from the closet in the corner of the room. A muffled voice starts screaming.

    Daisuke: I forgot about Satomi and the other hostages! (Daisuke opens the closet door and Satomi and the guard fall out the door)

    Satomi: What happened out here!?! (She looks at the room seeing the papers on the floor, the dents and metal on the wall, and the Aura Hunters knocked out in the corner crushed by a huge desk) Wow someone even caught the Aura Organization’s people minus the jerk who locked us in there. Who did this?

    Ayane: Oh that? Daisuke caught them all.

    Daisuke: Huh?
    Ayane: (Whispers to Daisuke) Just go along with it please? I have to keep my identity secret. Don’t worry Ayane is not my real name so use it.

    Daisuke: Oh yeah! Miss Ayane is correct; I caught these guys trying to kidnap Miss Ayane. I stopped them before they could escape.

    Toro: Yeah it’s all thanks to Magical Detective Daisuke! (Toro pats Daisuke on the back)

    Satomi: Well I wouldn’t call him “Detective” yet… but good job Daisuke. (She flashes a thumbs up)

    The Chief of Police climbs over a pile of paper and enters the room.

    Chief of Police: What happened here Detective Satomi?

    Satomi: Well Chief, Daisuke caught some of the Aura Organization’s people.

    Chief of Police: This one guy caught all of them? Wow what are you, some kind of superhero? Do you want to join the HighView Police Department?

    Daisuke: Don’t I have to pass the test?

    Chief of Police: Test?!? (Laughs) That boring old piece of paper is just something one of the guys cooked up while we check your criminal background. Experience on the field with a trained professional is all we require. You are as good as in!

    Satomi freezes and falls to the ground. Glass shatters from somewhere. Satomi begins to cry.

    Satomi: I studied for that test for eight weeks before I even decided to take the test! All that work and studying down the drain. (A toilet flushes from the bathroom next door)

    Chief of Police: Detective Satomi could you please train Daisuke? (Phones some officers on his walkie-talkie and leaves the room)

    Satomi: (Sighs) Yes Chief.

    Later that day…

    Ayane: Well I have to go back to the dojo. I’m sure my students are worried about me.

    Toro: What about me Master?

    Ayane: You’re to live with Daisuke seeing as your training is not complete yet. You two could still learn a lot from each other. I give you my permission for you to train Daisuke in wind magic.
    Toro: Is that okay with you, Daisuke?

    Daisuke: I guess but…

    Toro: This is going to be so cool just like old times! I get see you in action! (Toro starts to jump around)

    Ayane: Then it’s settled, Toro come back to the school once your training is complete. I’ll try to contact the other masters in the area for help. Don’t worry I will sent a message once I’m done so we can save your friends. (She runs off)

    Daisuke: But, but… (Daisuke groans)

    Toro: What’s wrong Daisuke? I’m not going to cramp your style or something right? I mean I know I’m just twelve and all but…

    Daisuke: No, you’re cool but, how am I going to explain this to my roommates?

    Toro: (Laughs) Same old Daisuke never thinks things through!

    The sun begins to set in a bright red orange.

    Magical Detective Daisuke Bio #1

    Daisuke Nightingale
    Age: 17
    Birthday: Unknown (He celebrates the day he was found as his birthday Oct. 5)
    Personality: Loyal, Trustworthy, and Impatient
    Magic Type: Shadow (Specializes in Fire Type)
    Likes: Fighting, Girls, Hot Springs, and Traveling
    Dislikes: The Aura Organization, Rainy days, waiting for a long time
    Favorite Foods: Smoked Eel and rice cakes

    Daisuke was abandoned as a baby and taken in by the Master of Water. Daisuke first name came from the master’s old time friend the Master of Wind. His last name came from the nightingale that was near Daisuke when the master found him. Daisuke is a strong Magical Martial Artist who does not realize his full potential. Currently Daisuke knows Water and Lighting magic from The Master of Water and his daughter Teri. Daisuke taught himself to use Fire magic. When the Aura Organization captured the only family he knew, he made it his mission to free his family and stop the Aura Organization no matter what.
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