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Thread: Magical Detective Daisuke Part 6

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    Magical Detective Daisuke Part 6

    I have noticed that nobody seems to like the script format of the fanfic, so after part 8 it is going to be in a novel format. Hopefully you guys will like reading it in this format. This is going to be hard for me to do hopefully it wouldn't be as hard as learning a new language lol.

    I'm sorry for the delay. My laptop is in the repair shop so I have to use the dusty old PC lol. Anyway as a bonus to you guys I will post Part 7 and maybe Part 8 this week. Also as soon I as I get my laptop back I will have a nice little picture with the character bio. This part's character bio is Ceri Whitewater!

    Daisuke has just freed Toro from the Aura Organization’s control. The Master of Wind who goes by the code name Ayane has left to contact the other Masters. Toro has been left in the care of Daisuke. But Daisuke hasn’t asked Yumi or Satomi about Toro living in their apartment.

    (Toro hides behind a wall.)
    Daisuke: I was wondering if it would be ok if my friend Toro could live with us? (Daisuke looks around and does not see Toro.) Toro come out from over there. (Toro is still hiding behind the wall.)

    Yumi: Um Daisuke I don’t see anyone here.

    Daisuke: He’s just a little shy around girls but he’s here.

    Satomi: He sounds like a peeping tom but that wouldn’t surprise me since you like to take peeks at girls in the bathtub. (Glares at Daisuke)

    Yumi: Did I miss you two having a special moment? (Looks curiously at Satomi and Daisuke)

    Daisuke: No it was nothing like that it was an accident. Besides Toro is only twelve, I doubt he even thinks about girls in that way. Toro come on out.

    Satomi: It’s you that I worry about though.

    (Toro peeks out from the side of the wall and steps out)

    Toro: Um he he hello.

    (Yumi’s eyes light up and she runs over to Toro and hugs him tightly)

    Yumi: He’s so cute! (Yumi squeezes Toro even tighter)

    Toro: Ah! Daisuke help me!

    Daisuke: Don’t worry Yumi just wants to say hi.

    (Satomi shrugs her shoulders) Yumi thinks anything young and innocent is cute.

    Daisuke: Then I must be cute to Yumi.

    Satomi: I said young and innocent not dumb and perverted. I hope you haven’t been fed this little boy with your perverted ideas...

    Daisuke: What’s that supposed to mean?

    Satomi: Just what it sounds like.

    (Daisuke and Satomi start to argue in the background.)

    Yumi: Don’t worry little Toro, I’ll get you out of your shyness. (Yumi is still hugging Toro tightly) You will be able to find yourself a little girlfriend when you get older. You’re like the little brother I never had.

    Toro: (Croaks) She’s choking me Daisuke help me! (His face turns red)

    Daisuke: Aw look Toro’s blushing! He must like Yumi back.

    Satomi: Are you always this dense? He’s choking! (Satomi runs over and pulls Yumi from Toro)

    Toro: (Gasps for air) She’s got a good grip, are you sure she is a normal girl Daisuke?

    (Daisuke and Satomi laugh. Then they look at each other and stop.)

    Daisuke: Hey where is Toro going to sleep?

    Satomi: On the couch.

    Daisuke: (Daisuke looks confused) Then where am I going to sleep?

    Satomi: You’ll see… (Satomi shows him where he is going to sleep)

    Daisuke: You’re joking right?

    Satomi: Here’s a pillow and a blanket. (She tosses them at Daisuke) What’s wrong with this?

    Daisuke: It’s ***king outside on the fire escape!

    Satomi: Well sorry but this is not the Hilton Hotel. We don’t have that much space inside. Besides I thought that martial artists like to train in harsh conditions?

    Daisuke: Yeah but most guys only do it for a few hours.

    Satomi: See then you will be better than most guys, goodnight. (She slides the glass door shut and leaves.)

    Daisuke: This sucks!

    Magical Detective Daisuke Character Bio

    Ceri Whitewater
    Age: 19
    Birthday: January 29
    Pesonality: Rebelous, harsh, and competive
    Magic Type: Water
    Likes: Fighting, hiking, and rainy days
    Dislikes: The Aura Organization, Daisuke, and being told what to do
    Favorite Foods: Boiled Eggs and Sushi

    Ceri was once a good friend of Daisuke until one day Ceri's father decided to make Daisuke the next Master of Water, ever since that day Ceri has become Daisuke's bitter rival to prove himself to his father. Ceri ran from the dojo the day the Aura Organzation kidnapped his and he thinks that Daisuke betrayed the school and joined the Aura Organization to get Ceri too. Ceri feels a lot of regret for not being there to protect the school and will stop at nothing to kill Daisuke and the Aura Organization members.
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    Read Magical Detective Daisuke. Part 9 is finally out! Click here to read it! For the complete collection of Magical Detective Daisuke click here.


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