I'm extremely sorry that I haven't posted the new Magical Detective Daisuke for a like a month. I had a lot of important things to do school, work, etc. I also I had a bunch of fun too. Hanging with friends and I went to Tekkoshocon (anime convention too). I should have had put my screen name on my nametag. Lol I will have to remember next. I spent alot of money on anime stuff and got some freebies too. Well Part 7 is really the other half of Part 6 so it's a little short. This is one of my favorite Parts of the story. I'm planning to make Part 9 in a novel format(See I do listen to you guys ) so that Part will take some time but I should have Part 8 out soon. Please enjoy Part 7.

Magical Detective Daisuke Part 7

Being unable to sleep from the rain outside, Yumi looks outside of her bedroom window.

Yumi: It’s raining pretty hard outside. (She looks on the balcony and notices a lumpy sheet out) What’s that doing outside? (She opens the door) What’s Daisuke doing out here? (She taps Daisuke’s shoulder) Get up Daisuke!

Daisuke: Huh, what are you doing out here Yumi?

Yumi: Me? What are you doing out here? You’re going to catch a cold if you don’t come back inside.

They go back inside. Daisuke takes a shower, changes his clothes and comes out into the hallway. Yumi is outside of the bathroom door. Daisuke tells Yumi about how got outside.

Yumi: Why didn’t you say something?

Daisuke: You’ve done so much for me. I just didn’t want to be a burden…

Yumi: Nonsense you’re not a burden on me. I had it rough before meeting Satomi. She did a lot for me even though I had little to give back.

Daisuke: I’m a burden on Satomi. She always seems so upset when she sees me.

Yumi: You not burden on Satomi. She just has a lot of personal problems that she’s trying to resolve. If anyone has cause her to be this way it was me not you…(Looks away and grabs something from the hallway closet) Here’s an old sleeping bag you can use it if you want to. (Yumi starts to cry and starts to run into living room to get to her room)

Daisuke: Wait! What’s wrong? Was it something I said? (A scream comes from the couch)

Toro: Don’t get closer to Terri! No! Terri! (Yumi closes her bedroom door and Daisuke looks at Toro)

Daisuke: I can’t imagine what pain he is going through. I didn’t want to ask what exactly happened to him and the others. He is only a child and he has seen more pain in his short lifetime than most men have their entire life.

Toro: I never I will go without a fight! No no no!

Daisuke: Toro! Wake up! Are you alright?

Toro: (Toro’s face is covered in sweat) Daisuke I just had a nightmare that’s all. I couldn’t do anything to protect Terri. After they took your master away it was just Terri and I in stuck in a dark cell. I couldn’t do anything to save her. We broke out of the cell and almost got free until group of guards saw us. Terri tried to fight back but every attack didn’t hurt these guys. They knocked her out. I tried to protect her and blasted some of the guards but one of them got behind me and separated us and and…Argh I so weak I couldn’t get out of his grip.

Daisuke: You’re not weak. You’re stronger than you know. Most kids you age can’t even do half the stuff you do. I couldn’t even use magic when I was your age and you practically mastered wind magic now.

Toro: Really? I but I can’t even break board of wood! I’m just too weak.

Yumi cracks open her door and eavesdrops.

Daisuke: You’re only weak if you think you’re weak. Do you want to go outside and train? The rain stopped.

Toro: (Smiles) Yeah sure Daisuke you’re the greatest.

Daisuke: Hey I can show you how to break out grabs and holds but you got to show me how to control wind.

Toro: Only if you beat me outside. (Toro starts to run)

Daisuke: You didn’t say go! Cheater! (They both run outside and slam the door behind them)

Yumi looks outside from her window behind a curtain.

Yumi: You’re only weak if you think you’re weak… I guess I have to be strong too for my friends.

Sorry no bio this Part because there was really the other half of Part 6. Part 8 will have Yumi's bio(Since noone voted for the next bio I randomly selected a character)