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Thread: Marriage

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    Re: Marriage

    hmm i think nodays marrage isn't that big of a deal. i mean all it is know is something on a piece of paper saying that these to are legally commited to each other. i think marrage has become to much of a legal thing and has change from when it was just the way to ppl represented there love and commitment to each other. but in the end it doesn't really matter if ur married to them or not cause if u really love them you will stay by there side and it doesn't matter whether ur married or not.

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    Re: Marriage

    Quote Originally Posted by blue_rebel
    Yes, I would probably get married if er, someone proposed to me. Why? I'll put that in one word : companionship. And not just in a normal buddy-buddy sense... I mean a companion who'll be my best friend for life, grow old with me and continue to walk beside me in my daily walk with God. That said, I want to be with someone who, aside from the virtues I mentioned before, loves God more than anything else in this world.
    Yes! Companionship. My feelings exactly. A lot of people who end up getting married where very good friends at first and then their relationship just blossoms from there. I feel that marriage is one of the reasons for this life, to find our eternal partner and to help eachother through hard times in this life and the next.

    Also in these days the devil is attacking the family more than anything else, because the family can be the strongest bond in the world and if he breaks that bond people are more easily tempted. Divorce is at a very high rate because of this and most people who get divorced where never truely in love in the first place, they mistook feelings like infatuation for love.

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    Re: Marriage

    My 2c on marriage is notr so pleasant as u may want it be...

    Way back when
    Mothers and fathers and aunties and everybody else was organising marriages for their kids.Now in those days the ppl were like different than they are today as u might know todays grandfathers and their fathers.
    So yeah the ppl were more God fearing in those days than they are today and the they obeyed the 10 commandments more diligently than majority of ppl do today.
    Now those intruduced marriages were like boy and girl between the ages of as young as 13 to 18 or something like that so they have not been involved in any sexual activity they were barely in contact with their own bodies.Maybe that is why marriages lasted longer than they do today because all the best and new axperiences of the big Marriage and the companionship and being with someone that u learn to love was totally different and new and wonderfull.


    Today we have created through the ages a younger more Sexually active person than we had in the past the liberality of life and the outgoing the drugs the alchol the parties the tv shows and the music and the Celebrities and the whatever is influencing the kids and their way of thinking has just created a society that think if u unhappy don't work it out cut it loose.
    My theory is that in the days there were no quick fixes to problems ppl sorted their problems out the only way they knew and the divorse was like not heard off.
    So yeah Marriage is great but if ppl dont learn how to behave and solve problems that normally arrises in marrige then the divorse rate is gonna climb and climb untill everybody feels that getting married is a waste of time.
    Being married to someone means that u will devote your life to that person assist him/her in anything that they do and also be the companion for that person and another thing dont think getting married has to do with a lisence to have kids because there is so many ppl having kids without the lisence then.
    So yes i would love to get married to someone that nice ,open minded,intelligent ,gentle,loving,reasonable and willing to when there might be a problem to help and suport me as i will her.
    So yeah for me marriage is sacret and not broken because u don't have the will to sort it out it is a way of life not a fling .....

    Sorry long one but i have much more to say on the topic where i think ppl are missing the point of marriage in the long run they just conmfuse themselfs.


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