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    Matchmaking (Anime Characters)

    This is sort of a branch off of my other post in the Debate and Discuss forum called 'Matchmaking'. My question here is this:

    If you had the power, as a matchmaker, to bring two anime characters together, who would you choose and why?

    If I sat and thought about it forever, I'm sure I'd come up with quite a few, but for now Naota and Haruko from FLCL because he obviously loved her even if he was 'just a kid'. Also, Utena and Touga from Revolutionary Girl Utena because I felt bad for Touga. He, like Naota, loved the girl so much, but just didn't get her.

    I can't think of any inter-anime match ups at the moment. I'm sure you'll come up with a few .^_^.
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    Re: Matchmaking 2

    If it had to be from and anime I guess I'd pick Chi and Hideki from Chobits. Now if it was from a game It'd be Kite and Blackrose from .hack


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