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    Arrow MCR site

    if your interested in the band their site is

    its got games, videos, you can listen to part of the cd, wallparers, tour dates, ect..!! awesome site and awesome p[ics of the guys and helena!!
    if youve never heard of them of never listened, check em out!!

    ps i know there were mcr threads but they are all over like a month and a half old and i wanted to post the site for references!!
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    In the link you mispelled chemical....just saying so the link may not work exactly right, but I think most people know who you are talking about by now anyway.

    MCR is an ok band, there are at least half a dozen bands of the emo/hardcore fame that I like better but I have both of their albums so I guess you could say I like them enough. They do have a neat site though, most emo bands have ghetto sites with very little interaction. Just a BIO, some AIM Icons, and maybe a Discography.


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