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    has anyone seen this anime movie? i thought it was really good and thought out.
    the ending was sad T-T but it was a good movie. has anyone else seen it?
    whats your opinion?  689
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    Based on one of the early works of Osamu Tezuka (considered the Godfather of Japanese Manga) with a 'Retro Art Deco' anime style, and directed by Rintaro, released back in 2001. The animation was done by Madhouse studios, and was one of the first Anime productions to have a seamless integration of CGI effects with traditional hand drawn animation... A very good movie, (and I like the choice of background music during the movie climax...)

    Official Sony Pictures webpage for Metropolis

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    I love Osuma Tezuka works, and this is one of my favourites. It had a great story and I love the world he created within this movie. But yes it was very depressing with what happened in the end. But that's life really isn't it? That's what I like about his works, they are very touching and emotional stories.
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