Ever since the fall of Idendor and Calandor, there had been a surplus of people who would not submit to the followers of the flame. At first the Core planned to just sacrifice these people, but then their religious leader Halor came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of just exterminating these people, they would instead get a very cheap slave work force. In the Ice Wall mountains, the Quer'ith Meiphyr had discovered a very large mineral deposit. Yet the ore's location prevented any successful mining operations, at least until now. The dissidents of the Kahharan Mountains were sent here, to the death camps of IceWall. The hollow mountains rang with the sounds of hammers, picks, and the crack of the whip. All in all, it was a very satisfactory method for getting some use out of the stubborn people who would not embrace the faith.

The raw materials that the slaves collected were made on site into weapons. Men were crushed by the weight of the metals they took to the forge, yet none complained. It was said that the fuel source for the fires had a most unusual aroma, almost like chicken......Within just months of operation, the slave labor camps began turning out huge quantities of high quality weapons and armor. The newly recruited followers of the flame now were able to arm themselves heavily, so that they fight for the good of the fire god.

Besides using the slaves as a cheap labor source, the Quer'ith Clan of the Scale used the humans for research. They would insert different animal blood into the captives, and observe the results. The answers they received were very.....unusual. Needless to say, the wealth of Quer'ith knowledge about blood magic increased.

Thus the slaves were given a new use. Many died, but soon more would come as the Core expanded...